PayPal Fee Calculator

The PayPal fee calculator here works to show you what kind of fees you’ll pay when doing certain things with your PayPal account. This is a good way to check how much you’re likely to pay on conversions and other expenses when running your PayPal account.

Businesses can suffer a lot of loss due to a failure to calculate their PayPal fees in advance. If you can figure out how much you need to pay early, you can better manage your budget. Our calculator will help you to calculate PayPal charges easily, with a simple interface that delivers a stress-free experience every time.

Because our calculations are automated, you don’t need to worry about mistakes and errors that will mess up your accounting calculations. You can even save yourself some crucial time when it comes to predicting your cash flow.

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PayPal has various fees associated with it.

If you’re running a business with PayPal, then you’re going to need to understand where your cash is going. The fees to use PayPal include:

  • 5% for international personal transactions
  • 3% conversion fee above the base exchange rate
  • 3% fee to transfer cash to a US account from elsewhere in the world
  • Fixed card fees for withdrawal from an ATM
  • Up to £10 for each record request
  • 0.50 GBP bank returns
  • Inactive account fees (certain countries)

Aside from merchant fees, you also pay charges with PayPal when you receive currencies from another country. The PayPal algorithm adds a markup to the exchange rate to convert your cash back into pounds, which could mean that you end up with less than you expect when withdrawing your PayPal balance.

What Kind of PayPal Fees will You Pay?

PayPal has various fees to consider, from a fixed fee for special account services, to fees for transferring your money to your bank account. Whenever someone makes a credit card payment to your business from PayPal, fees will be applied to those micropayments for processing.

PayPal doesn’t require a monthly maintenance fee, like some eCommerce solutions, but you will need to consider things like costs for international transactions, and converting other currencies into USD. The seller will almost always pay the transaction fee and other costs when selling online, through amazon, eBay and other environments.

If you’re a non-profit, you may be able to ask your patron to add the cost of standard fees to their debit card payment. Alternatively, you can request a payment as “friends and family”, so you get the exact amount from the payment, without any extra costs.

Using the friends and family option will not prevent you from paying international fees, however.

Managing Payments Through PayPal

When it comes to choosing merchant account or payment processing solutions online, PayPal is one of the most popular options for local and international payments. Access to free invoicing functionality, easy-to-follow FAQs, and global popularity make this service extremely compelling. However, it’s important to be aware of the fees that PayPal takes when you’re calculating your profitability for each online transaction.

There are other payment method options with fewer fees associated with each transaction amount. However, it’s worth checking all the functionality you get, such as templates for your virtual terminal, and online transaction amount protection too.

PayPal is available in various countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, and USA. The pricing may differ for certain transactions based on your location.

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