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Wether you're not sure yet what's the best ecommerce platform for your needs or have any other questions or suggestions related this blog, feel free to get in touch. I'm trying to reply all inquiriesย in 24h or less.

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A few things about myself

  • I'm Catalin Zorzini and Iย founded Inspired Magย inย 2008.
  • in 2013 I wanted to help a friend to find the best ecommerce solution for his future online shop.
  • after realizing there are many different options, more than one could compare in a couple of days or so, I decided to make it easier for others and started this blog.
  • happy to help anyone with tips or suggestions regarding their online shops,ย marketing, SEO, content strategy etc.
  • if you're still not sure what are the best options for your online shop, please check my current top 10 storeย builders comparison page.
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