The Best AI Logo Maker Tools for 2023

AI Logo Makers Simplify the Art of Creating your Own Logo

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The best AI logo maker can be a phenomenal tool for today’s business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Designed to reduce the headaches, stress, and expense associated with creating a visual brand identity, these tools have a range of phenomenal benefits.

With an AI logo maker, you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on hiring a graphic designer to create a unique mark for your business. Instead, you simply answer a handful of questions about your brand, and allow an algorithm to suggest a range of design templates. Most of these tools allow companies to customize every aspect of their logo, switching between different shapes, graphics, colors, and font options at will.

Though AI logo makers won’t give you the same level of creativity as a professional designer, they can save businesses significant time and money when they want to launch their company as quickly as possible. The challenge is in finding the tool most likely to give you the right results.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best AI logo maker tools for 2023.

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What is an AI Logo Maker?

AI logo makers are essentially intelligent tools which use patterns, algorithms, and machine learning to produce impressive logos. These tools are intended to be more intuitive and straightforward than your standard logo design software. Rather than browsing through endless shapes, graphics, and designs, you’re given a handful of template options to choose from, specific to your business.

Notably, each logo maker will only have a limited range of design options to choose from, but most are quite versatile, with countless design assets available to suit different industries. We explored the market to bring you this list of our favorite AI design tools.

What are the Top AI Logo Makers for 2023?

1. Looka Logo Maker

looka - Best AI Logo Maker

Looka is a well-known tool for AI-based asset creation. The platform allows companies and entrepreneurs to create compelling logos in seconds, with support from an intelligent algorithm. You’ll start by answering a few questions about your business, at which point the AI system will begin to generate assets and templates for you to consider.

You can select the logos you like the most and make changes to all of the elements, switching out your color palettes, fonts, and images. The convenient design platform will allow you to see mock-ups of your logo in a range of different formats, from business cards to email signatures and brochures.

Once you’ve designed your logo, you can download the asset in a range of different file types, and add your image directly to other assets, like invoices and social profiles. There’s even the option to create a comprehensive brand kit, which you can share with all of your team members.


Looka gives users a few different options when it comes to purchasing their logo. You can use the design assets for free, but once you’re ready to use them, you’ll need to either download the files individually, or purchase a brand kit. You can download a PNG file for £15, or access multiple high-res file types like PDF, SVG, and EPS for £50. The premium pricing package also comes with black and white, color, and transparent variations.

If you want to create a comprehensive brand kit, with templates for invoices, flyers, email signatures and business cards, you can subscribe to the brand service for £84 per year, or £156 year if you also want to create your own website on Looka.

Looka Pros 👍

  • Hundreds of mock-up designs and customizations
  • Access to multiple high-res download options
  • Brand kits with a range of templates for common assets
  • Social media templates optimized for every channel
  • Easy-to-use environment with simple sharing features
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2. Hatchful (Logo Maker by Shopify)

Hatchful Shopify Logo Maker - Best AI Logo Maker

Hatchful is the simple but effective AI logo maker created by leading ecommerce website builder company, Shopify. This convenient online tool promises businesses a quick and simple way to find a logo using hundreds of beautiful templates and graphical assets.

The solution works on both iOS and Android, so you can create logos on the move, and it produces high-resolution images you can download and share with your stakeholders. There’s even access to free social media assets, optimized for channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Hatchful logo maker comprehensive logo design studio allows companies to add icons, custom colors, and fonts to their logo wherever they choose. You can also edit the suggested layouts provided by the AI algorithm. All you need to do to get started is answer a few questions about your business, industry, and target audience, and the system will start generating ideas for you.


You can create a logo with Hatchful for free, even if you don’t have an account on the Shopify ecosystem. However, there are some limitations on the types of files you’ll be able to download for free. Premium file types and PNG logos can cost extra. Plus, there are fees for accessing specific “premium” templates and assets too.

Pros 👍

  • Convenient and intelligent design tool
  • Wide range of industry templates and assets
  • Free social media assets included
  • High-resolution downloads available
  • Excellent customization options
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3. Wix Logo Maker

wix logo maker - Best AI Logo Maker

Wix is best-known as one of the most popular tools available for designing fully-featured websites. However, the company also has its own logo designer tool, with built-in artificial intelligence. You’ll need an account with Wix to use this service, but once you sign up, you can start generating templates instantly, by answering the questions posed by the design tool. You’ll need to tell the AI system what kind of styles you prefer, which industry you’re in, and what kind of audience you’re targeting.

The Wix logo designer has a huge range of assets for almost every industry, regardless of whether you’re involved with the Sports sector, real estate, fitness space, or anything else. Once you choose a design style offered by the AI tool, you’ll be able to customize the fonts, colors, icons, and layout elements to make the image unique to you.

The Wix logo maker allows you to download various versions of your logo in different file types, depending on your specific needs. There’s also the option to purchase logos which have already been optimized for various social media channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


There are a handful of ways to access your logo from Wix. First, you can choose to download a low-res version of your file for free. This could be a good option if you want to present design ideas to members of your team. Alternatively, you can download high-res logos via the “Just logo” plans.

The Just Logo Basic plan for $20 gives you 2 PNGs in your original colors, 2 in white, and 2 in black, as well as 1 logo in grayscale, and 1 in monochrome. All of these logos have transparent backgrounds. The Advanced plan costs $50 and gives you all the logos above, as well as pre-sized versions of your logo for social media, and vector image files.

Alternatively, you can purchase both your logo and website builder at the same time. Options here include:

  • Value: All the standard logo files from the Logo Basic plan plus a Combo website from Wix and a free domain for 1 year. You also get 3GB of storage and 2GB of bandwidth
  • Professional: All the features of Value, plus a custom premium website, and extra storage and bandwidth.
  • Deluxe: All the features of Professional with unlimited logo changes, high-res logo SVG files, and logo files for social media.

The prices aren’t listed on the Wix website for these plans, so you’ll need to contact the team.

Wix Logo Maker Pros 👍

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Free download of a low-res file
  • Lots of industries and themes available
  • Excellent high-quality images
  • Easily add logos to business assets
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brandmark - Best AI Logo Maker

BrandMark is another popular tool for business owners keen to jumpstart their business. You can create logos, social media graphics, app icons, business cards and letter heads, all in the same place. The tool comes with endless valuable templates to choose from, and an AI system to help guide you towards the right designs based on your brand and industry.

You can create animated designs, or simple logos, and add them directly to your social profile icons, letterheads, presentations, and brand guides. What’s more, not only can you use the brand design solution to edit your logo, but you can work directly with a professional to make the image even more unique to your business.

Logos from Brandmark can export into all major formats, including PDF, PNG, EPS, and SVG. Plus, you can edit virtually everything about your brand mark, from the size of the logo to the font choices, and color palettes. There’s support for unlimited revisions too, and you can create as many logos as you like before you choose one to purchase and download.


While you can use Brandmark for free to create your logo, you will need to pay for the assets you want to download. Your options include:

  • Basic: $25 one-off price for a PNG logo
  • Designer: $65 one-time price for logo source files, brand style guides, business card designs, Facebook cover images, profile and app icons, and letterheads.
  • Enterprise: $175 one-time price for all the features of the Designer package, plus 10 fully original logo concepts created by a design team. Pros 👍

  • Easy-to-use environment with AI guidance
  • Support for all major logo file types
  • Various animations and graphic elements available
  • Support from professional designers on some plans
  • Unlimited edits and customizations
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5. Logoai

logoai - Best AI Logo Maker

Perhaps one of the most popular logo makers and brand design tools on the market, Logoai is an intelligent design tool which helps companies to create logos, matching stationary, and brand assets. The AI engine understands not only logo data, but also design best practices, to ensure exceptional results. What’s more, the fully automated system can create everything from business cards to matching social media assets on your behalf.

Once you’ve created your logo with the help of the AI system, Logoai will allow you to download your design in a range of formats, to suit your needs. You can create a comprehensive “brand center” online, where you can store and share all of your branded content. There are also various templates to help you out with building flyers, promotions, and social media content.

Logoai allows you to customize your design however you choose too, with animations, fonts, colors, and a range of icons to choose from. There’s even 3 day unlimited editing available on every plan, so you can make as many changes as you want.


Like most of the best AI logo makers, Logoai allows you to create your logo for free. You only pay when you’re ready to download the logo package. Your options include:

  • Basic: $29 for 3-day unlimited edits, an 800 x 600 px download, and a transparent PNG.
  • Pro: $59 for all the features of Basic, plus a high-res logo, vector files, Word and PPT templates, and a brand identity system for creating new assets.
  • Brand: $99 for all the features of Pro, as well as logo animation options, and a comprehensive brand center for generating matching business cards, posters, and mockup presentations.

Pros 👍

  • Lots of high-res file formats to choose from
  • Plenty of editing options for your logo
  • Transparent PNGs on even the cheapest plan
  • Convenient brand center for organizing assets
  • Logo animation is available
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6. logo maker - Best AI Logo Maker

The Designs.AI platform offers companies a range of powerful tools for creating all kinds of compelling brand assets. One of the most popular tools is the logo designer, which uses intelligent algorithms to suggest some of the most attractive logos to your business in a matter of minutes. The advanced solution can generate thousands of logos in seconds, with smart suggestions for icons, fonts, and colors, based on your brand goals.

You can even create a full brand identity package with the AI system, which gives you access to your logo in PNG, JPEG, SVG and PDF formats. Plus, you also get device, product, and business card mock-ups, brand assets, and guidelines. The solution also includes and smart and intuitive logo editor, where you can make changes to everything from colors to font choices.

There’s no need to download any software to access the full functionality of this service either. You can play with your logo design through your browser, and you only pay when you’re ready to download and export your logo.


You’ll have full access to the logo creator to build your assets for free, but you’ll need to pay for a suite package for to access your logo. This suite also comes with design, speech, and video editing tools included. Your package options are:

  • Basic: $29 per month for unlimited logo generation, PDF, PNG, JPG and SVG downloads, plus basic video generation, speech management and voiceover features, as well as a comprehensive design maker package with access to all premium templates.
  • Pro: $69 per month: All the features of Basic, plus full branding and social media kits, brand stories, and mock-up samples. You also get extra video creation tools and storyboards, 30 different voiceover types for speeches, and access to 20 premium images per month.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing: All the features of Pro, plus 200 premium images per month, support for up to 15 team members, countless premium voiceover tools, bulk video design, and video creation services, and a range of advanced design tools

Pros 👍

  • Comprehensive collection of tools for asset design
  • Lots of file format options
  • Powerful branding kits available
  • Easy-to-use backend environment
  • Integration with a range of other design tools
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logomaster ai - Best AI Logo Maker

If you’re looking for a free logo maker to help you generate attractive visuals for your business, could be a fantastic choice. All you need to do to get started is enter your company name, and the AI system will start generating logo templates for you to choose from. There are plenty of different designs to explore, and you can customize your design according to your needs too.

Once you choose a template, you’ll be able to add your choice of font and colors to your custom logo, and resize different elements depending on the image you’re looking for. The online logo maker doesn’t require any downloads. You can do everything online, and immediately gain access to high-resolution logo files, depending on the plan you choose.

There’s the option to choose between white and transparent backgrounds, and you can create resizable vector SVG files on some plans too. The great thing about this tool is small businesses can make as many changes as they like, and only pay for their logo when they’re happy.


As mentioned above, allows you to create a professional logo in various styles without paying anything. However, once you’re ready to download your design, there will be a price to pay. After the logo creation process, you can choose between:

  • Basic: £18 for a normal resolution logo, transparent PNG, and instant file access. However, there’s no way to change to a different logo after you access your download.
  • Premium: £54 for stunning logo designs in up to 4096px, transparent PNGs, and custom background colors. You also get print-ready files and SVG files, plus you can make changes later.
  • Enterprise: £90 for everything in Premium, plus multiple logo styles, and up to 5 logo variations, so you have more choice. You can also create real-world mock-up images, social media assets with your business name, edit font names, and color palettes on demand, and make changes whenever you want.

Pros 👍

  • Easy to create a new logo from scratch
  • Tweak your logo with user-friendly editing tools
  • High-resolution files suitable for printing on t-shirts
  • Options for multiple logo styles in one download
  • Various font styles and images to choose from
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8. LogoMakr

logomakr ai - Best AI Logo Maker

Another easy-to-use tool for logo creation, LogoMakr gives business owners a straightforward design experience when they’re building business assets from scratch. You can either use the AI tools to enter your brand name and get company logo options suggested to you, or you can browse through a range of templates and graphics and build your own design step-by-step.

LogoMakr simplifies the process of creating beautiful logos for startups, companies, and entrepreneurs in a matter of minutes. The logo generator includes various advanced editing tools, so you can customize not just the shape of different graphics, but their slope and line width too. There’s custom text positioning according to the needs of your graphics, and plenty of colors to choose from.

Plus, LogoMakr allows you to create a range of other helpful brand assets based on your perfect logo. You can create social media icon files in the dimensions you need for each channel. Plus, you can remove backgrounds, crop your design, and erase components as you go.


Like most of the top AI logo makers, LogoMakr allows you to create your design for free, and you can even download a low resolution PNG file for inspiration. However, if you want to download an advanced version of your logo, you’ll need to pay $29.

The single pricing plan comes with JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF versions of your logo, print-ready files, and full license ownership for whatever you create. You’ll also get your social media and favicon icons included.

If you can’t get the right results from your logo generator, you can also contact the team to have their specialists create a unique logo on your behalf for a custom price.

Pros 👍

  • Lots of templates and designs to choose from
  • Excellent editing tools for customization
  • Free access to a low-res logo file
  • Social media icon creation included
  • Straightforward design experience
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Choosing the Best AI Logo Maker

The best logo maker with AI technology ensures any business leader can create the ultimate logo without spending a fortune on graphic design services. These tools tailor brands images to suit their specific needs, with a range of templates and customization options to choose from. Plus, many allow you to create a variety of other assets alongside your logo, like social icons.

When choosing the right tool for your needs, make sure you check out all the features available, and the price for downloading your ideal logo. Most tools will allow you to use the basic service for free, so if you’re not happy with what you create, you can always try another service.

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