Askly Review: Simple Multilingual Customer Support

Askly: Transforming Multilingual Chat-based Service

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In today’s Askly review, we’re exploring the features and benefits of one of the most user-friendly tools for multilingual customer support on the market. Designed for the age of globalization, Askly ensures companies can connect with their customers in their native language, without complexity.

Built from the ground up to simplify language translation, this chat-based solution requires no coding knowledge, and can be easily implemented into your website in no time.

We’ll be looking at the core features of this simple tool, how much you can expect to pay for the app, and the core pros and cons of using Askly for your ecommerce website.

Let’s jump in.

What is Askly?

Askly is one of the newer chat-based customer service tools to emerge within the rapidly growing SaaS market today. Produced by Sandra Roosna, Hans Niinemäe, and Elina Aleste, the solution was designed to transform the process of delivering exceptional, multilingual support to customers.

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The hassle-free solution not only gives customers rapid access to self-service support, with a convenient chat widget, but it also automatically converts content into the native language of each customer instantly, with minimal effort.

Askly is available in three different forms, dependent on your specific needs. Options include:

  • Askly for Ecommerce: An easy to integrate application for common ecommerce platforms and custom-made sites. Askly aims to lower cart abandonment rates, and enhance customer experiences, ensuring teams can connect with customers at the right moment.
  • Askly for service providers: Widely used by hotels, restaurants, beauty salons and other service providers worldwide, Askly helps service providers to connect with potential clients, arrange appointments, and drive bookings on their websites.
  • Askly for partners: The Askly partnership program is designed for companies that want to collaborate with the service. Teams can benefit from recommending the chat software to other businesses, earning revenue for their advocacy.
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The Core Features

Askly advertises itself as the only current chat platform that focuses on global service. With a 99% customer satisfaction score, the solution certainly has some clout. The simple, user-friendly, and convenient toolkit allows businesses to instantly detect the native language of their visitor, and display a support window, already converted to that language.

The core features include:

Automatic multilingual translation

As mentioned above, Askly is designed to be multilingual first. There are 27 languages to choose from within the “chat localized by default” section. Plus, real-time translation is available in more than 100 languages, so it’s easy to ensure you can support your customers anywhere in the world.

To set Askly up for translating conversations in real time, all you need to do is head into the “Settings” section of your account and enter the most common languages for your target audience. Once you’ve entered this information, translation will be applied immediately for all customer support representatives. You can also choose your “display” language for agents.

Each conversation is automatically archived when the discussion is finished, which is ideal for compliance and training purposes. Plus, Askly allows users to add “Notes” to each conversation, which will be available to view for team members online. You can even search for specific conversations in your dashboard, by their name, assigned tags, or email.

The customizable chat widget

Like many tools for adding live chat functionality to your website, Askly gives business owners a simple environment where they can adapt their chat widget to their brand and specific needs. Once you register an account, you can simply head into the “Web chat design” section of the dashboard to add your company’s logo, adjust the theme, and implement other features.

There are options for choosing where the chat icon appears on your website. Plus, you can select your main chat language, as well as other “recommended” languages for visitors. There’s even an option to request customers start a chat by entering their email, so you can follow up later.

Users can also set the times when live chat is available, adjusting “service times” within the dashboard, which will appear within the chat widget.

Contact Forms and FAQs

Alongside live chat, Askly also provides companies with a range of other ways to serve their audience. Within the “web chat design” section of the platform, companies can set up customized email forms, which allow consumers to reach out when agents aren’t available.

Business leaders can activate the email form in a couple of clicks, and choose the corporate email address where they want requests to be delivered. Plus, there’s the option to set up automatic notifications, to keep team members informed when chats are waiting to be answered.

For self-service, there’s also the option to add an FAQ section to the chat, which appears as a tab within the chat window. Users can select which language they want their FAQ questions to be displayed in, and then translate their pieces into virtually any language with a couple of clicks.

Team Management and Analytics

Since excellent customer service usually relies on the collaboration of an entire team, Askly ensures you can manage your various agents easily. As well as setting availability hours on the chat widget, you can also add various team members to your account, within the Settings page, and assign specific conversations to staff depending on their skills and abilities.

Adding new people to the system is easy. All you need to do is click the “Add New” button within the “Team Members” section, and you can set permissions for each agent. Team members receive an access link they can use to leverage the platform. What’s more, each staff member can assign conversations to others, and even share information with other staff.

Employees can forward and take over conversations at any time during a conversation, making it easy to transfer discussions throughout the business.

Additionally, to help companies optimize their customer service strategy, Askly comes with a fantastic analytics and reporting page, which provides insights into visitor information, chat history, and the total number of chats you’ve managed within a certain time.


As mentioned above, Askly can integrate seamlessly into most ecommerce websites and custom sites. Companies can find a “pixel” solution in their Askly account, which allows them to copy and paste their chat widget into the HTML of their website.

You’ll also be able to rapidly add social media chats to the Askly unified inbox, to ensure teams can connect with customers from various environments, such as Facebook and Instagram in one place. The “Settings” section simplifies the process of connecting messenger tools from social platforms, and companies can set which team members have access to these conversations.

Once the social media tools are connected, businesses can reply to customer conversations across these platforms, directly within Askly chat. Any queries coming from Facebook or Instagram will be defined by an included icon next to the message.

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Askly Pros and Cons

Overall, Askly is a powerful tool for multilingual customer service, the solution differentiates itself from other chat solutions by focusing on globalization first. Here are the main pros and cons of the service:

Pros 👍

  • Convenient plug-and-play functionality with no coding
  • Real-time translation for countless language options
  • Connected communication channels for FAQs, phone, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and more
  • 12 months of chat history on all plans
  • Security features such as access controls
  • Team collaboration tools such as conversation assignment
  • Analytics and insights into team performance
  • Mobile and web-based applications
  • Integrations with virtually any website platform
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Askly Ease of Use

While Askly puts multi-lingual support first on its list of priorities, user-experience and simplicity follow up as a close second. The solution is designed to be extremely easy to use, with absolutely no coding knowledge required, ensuring anyone can get started in an instant.

The platform is intuitive and straightforward, with clean, easy to navigate sections. Plus, setting up your account couldn’t be simpler. All you business leaders need to do is head to the Askly website, and create a user account within the “register” section. There are a few simple fields to fill out, asking for things like your email address, then you’ll be ready to go.

Askly even comes with a handy set of tutorials businesses can use to learn more about how each aspect of the platform works.

Askly Customer Service

Alongside blogs and tutorials, brimming with information for beginners, Askly offers a handful of other customer support options. Companies can directly enter questions into the Askly chat bot for quick answers to common questions. There’s also the option to talk directly to a member of the team, through either messaging or email.

Most of the time, Askly will respond to queries pretty quickly, but the team responds fastest standard operating hours between 9am and 5pm on Mondays to Fridays. They do attempt to react to react quickly to common problems on the weekends and evenings too, but you may need to wait a little longer for a response at these times.

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Askly Pricing Options

Users can experiment with the Askly platform with a 14 day trial, available for free, with absolutely no obligations. There’s also the option to request a full demonstration if you’re not sure how the solution works, which comes with step-by-step guidance from the team.

askly pricing - askly review

The pricing plans are available on a monthly or yearly basis, with discounts available for annual subscriptions. Currently, all the plans are priced in Euros, but the pricing will be converted to your currency when you check out. Options include:

  • Starter: 29 euros per month: Support for 1 user, with 27 localised chat options and over 100 languages for real-time automatic translation. The plan comes with options to customize your widget and logo, manage your admin settings on desktop and mobile, and set opening hours. There’s also a 12 month chat archive, Facebook integrations, the option to set up email forms, analytics and statistics, and more.
  • Pro: 49 euros per month: All the features of the Starter plan, with support for up to 4 users. This plan also comes with personalized support from the Askly team.
  • Business: 149 euros per month: All the features of the Pro plan, for up to 10 users, with access to campaigns and promotions within chats, and the option to ask users to sign up to a newsletter within the chat widget.
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The Final Verdict

Ultimately, Askly is a fantastic multilingual chat support tool. It’s convenient, integrates with a range of platforms, and takes very little time to learn how to use.

There’s no need for any complex localisation, and business leaders can avoid having to build different chatbots and tools for every language. Additionally, support teams can reply in the language they’re most comfortable with, and the software will automatically convert their words into the right language, thanks to two-way translation.

If you’re looking for a way to deliver rapid multilingual support on your site, this could be the platform for you.

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